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Difference between a Genius and a Gifted person

Between a genius and gifted person, there are some differences can be seen from the kind of person each term refers to. From time to time, ...

Looking for Youth Mentorship? Vision Fulfillment Maximum Center is the place

It was a great day for students in Ubuluku as an international Non-profit organization, Vision Fulfillment Maximum Leadership Productivity ...

Amazing! See animal with the highest emotional Intelligence

Emotions can be broadly defined as psychological phenomena that contribute to behavior management and control. There is no doubt that humans ...

Why do we get Ill when there is a change in Weather

Can sudden change in weather cause certain diseases? Climate change is one of the environmental risk factors that most doctors consider when ...

What is the essence of Education?

Perhaps the first thing to grasp is that education is not a matter of acquiring facts and “knowledge”. This first point is ...

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