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Emotions can be broadly defined as psychological phenomena that contribute to behavior management and control. There is no doubt that humans are the most emotionally intelligent animals. Current research provides interesting evidence on the animal with the highest emotional Intelligence capable of feeling a full range of emotions, including fear, joy, excitement, shame, embarrassment, resentment, jealousy, anger, love, happiness, sympathy, respect, relief, disgust.

The emotional states of many animals are easy to recognize. Their faces, their eyes, and how they carry themselves can make strong inferences about how they feel. Changes in muscle tone, posture, gait, facial expressions, eye size and gaze, vocalization and odor (pheromone), individually and together, show emotional responses to certain situations.


Do animals have emotions?

Animals have emotions, and we can know what emotions they are currently feeling through their body language. This is why animals have tails. The dog’s tail shows a lot of emotions. You can say if a dog is angry, sad, happy, excited, and scared by their tail. Animals need their emotions to express themselves. When their family members or loved ones die, some animals grieve and cry. Animals can also laugh when they find something funny, or if they are tickled. They can also tell jokes about their fellow animals. Primates are experts in telling jokes.


Do animals have the same emotions as humans?

Animals have emotions, and they use their emotions to express their feelings. Most people think that the emotions felt by animals are different from those felt by humans. Well, let me answer this question with a concise answer. Do animals have the same emotions as humans? Yes it is! Animals have the same emotions as humans. However, animals never express their emotions verbally like humans. Animals express their emotions through actions and body language. Humans are constructed in different ways, and our brain structure is different from that of animals. Humans are at the top of the food chain, although humans do not have supernatural defense mechanisms like animals. The only thing humans possess is intelligence, and humans used this advantage to survive in the wild 100,000 years ago to this day.


What is “Emotional intelligence”

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand your emotions and the emotions of others. Although some animals may not express emotional intelligence like humans, they still have the ability. Humans distinguish themselves from other animals in many ways, including our ability to make tools. Humans are not the only animals that use tools for various purposes. Although the use of tools may not always reflect the spark of a smart mind, it still provides a fascinating glimpse of how different species interact with their environments. Life is a very vivid animal. Most of the time, they know who they are. They know who their friends are and who their opponents are. They have ambitions for a higher status. They compete. Their lives follow the arc of their careers just like ours. We all work hard to survive, get food and shelter, and train some young people for the next generation. Animals are no different from us in this regard, and I think their existence on earth is very rich.


What emotions do humans have that animals do not have?

Animals and humans have the same emotions. However, do humans have emotions that animals have never possessed? Due to different studies and observations, it is difficult to say that humans possess emotions that animals have never possessed. Animals can be sad, sad, laugh, angry, etc. People often think that the emotion that humans have that animals do not have is conscience, because when animals kill their prey, they do not feel guilty about it. However, I disagree with this because it is part of nature. If you eat a pig, do you feel guilty because the pig was killed for you to eat them?


The animal with the highest emotional Intelligence (consider between these 4)

Animals have emotions, and they use their emotions to express their feelings. All animals have emotions, but only domesticated animals are more emotional and sensitive. Why? Because they are used to interacting with humans, and they are used to interacting with other animals. When pets or animals are domesticated, they become more emotional as they adapt to the environment. So, who is the most emotional and sensitive animal? Keep reading and you will know! The following are the 4 most emotional and sensitive animals:


Elephants are considered to be one of the smartest animals. The brains of African and Asian elephants are large and well-developed. Their brains have about 3 billion neurons, three times more than humans. Their huge brains give them a similar sense of self, just like humans. They are one of the few animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror. Elephants use touch to show their emotional intelligence. Wildlife conservation and zoo biology researchers have found that when other elephants are distressed by using soothing vocalizations and gestures with their trunks, elephants show comforting behaviors. Not to mention, elephants also mourn the deaths of friends and family members. Few other animals show this emotion.



In the ocean, dolphins have some of the largest brains. Sperm whales are considered to be the largest. Although dolphins may not have the largest brains, they are some of the smartest marine animals. Dolphins have large brains, which allow them to possess complex intellectual abilities such as communication and relationship building. Scientists have discovered that if humans train dolphins, they can be taught to recognize symbols. The wisdom of dolphins gives them the ability of emotional intelligence. The researchers found that dolphins live in family groups and form strong bonds. Just like elephants, dolphins also mourn the deaths of friends and family members.



It is not surprising to see dogs on the list, this could be as a result of the general opinion is that the dog is an animal with the highest emotional Intelligence. Dogs are emotional and very expressive. They use their tails to express their feelings. Dogs also use their voices to express their emotions. When dogs are domesticated and accustomed to human contact, they become more emotional. Dogs are truly human beings’ best friends. From a thousand years ago to the present, they have been human companions. Dogs are great pets because they are smart, expressive and playful.

animal with highest emotional Intelligence dog


Chimpanzees are part of the great ape family. They may not be the size of a human brain, but they are intelligent creatures in the wild kingdom. Scientists have found that chimpanzees can solve problems, use tools, and possess complex communication skills.

Chimpanzee emotional intelligence


Every animal can indeed feel emotions. This is why we need to be careful with every action we take. Animals may feel sad if they lose a loved one or lose their habitat. So we need to make sure that the animals are safe. We must create an environment where animals feel safe and away from pain.

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