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Want to pursue a career in computer and Information Technology? You have taken the first step towards a well-paying career in a growing industry. Check out the list below of the 20 most profitable computer science jobs in the computer and IT field. Keep in mind that in order to get one of these highest-paying positions, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer and IT.

Computer science

Here are 20 mouthwatering Computer Science Jobs and their median annual salaries

  1. Graphic Designer – $52,110

The field of graphic design is combined with the field of computer/IT and Fine Arts. Professional graphic designers use computer software to create logos and other images for print and online advertising, magazine covers, t-shirts and merchandise, etc.

  1. Computer Support Expert – $54,760

The name “Computer Support Expert” is a broad term used to describe many different types of professionals in the field of computers and IT. Some of these experts may work with other IT professionals to ensure the proper functioning of the computer system or network. Others may provide technical assistance to the company’s customers or customers.

  1. Mobile App Developer – $73,042

A special type of software developer, a mobile application developer who designs and develops applications for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. These IT professionals can work independently or in teams to plan and execute successful mobile applications for private companies, government agencies, and nonprofits.

  1. Web Developer – $73,760

The field of Web development is currently experiencing a boom. Much of this growth can be attributed to the rapid expansion of online shopping and the increasing use of smartphones to access mobile versions of websites.

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  1. Forensic Computer Analyst – $73,892

The field of forensic computer analysis combines the fields of criminal justice and computer science. Professionals in this field, known as forensic computer analysts, use their computer and information technology knowledge to investigate crimes. Most of their work involves recovering deleted or corrupted data in order to detect criminal activity.

  1. User Experience Designer – $ 74, 983

In the field of computer and information technology, user experience designers are responsible for ensuring that customers have a pleasant and intuitive experience while browsing the company’s website or mobile app. Potential candidates for these lucrative IT positions must have technical skills and creative vision in order to design the best experience for website visitors and application users.

  1. Network and Computer system administrators – $83,510

Network and computer system administrators play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of an enterprise or organization by keeping computer systems running smoothly. Many of their tasks may include maintaining network security, installing computer hardware and software, and enhancing system performance.

  1. Professor of Computer Science – $85,180

When considering computer science jobs and information technology professionals prefer to teach computer science concepts rather than practice them in the field. Computer science professors share their knowledge and experience in the IT field with others in the classroom. They can teach face-to-face courses, online courses, or a combination of both.

  1. Computer Programmer – $86,550

Computer programmers are proficient in a language that only computers and other programmers can understand. With this fluency, they can communicate with these machines and provide them with instructions on how to perform the desired action. Computer programmers often work with software developers in order to translate the design of software programs into practical applications.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst – $90, 920

Sometimes referred to as system architects, computer systems analysts use their computer system knowledge to help businesses and organizations increase efficiency and effectiveness. These professionals help company executives identify opportunities to improve operations through enhanced technology.

  1. Database Administrator – $93,750

A database administrator, known as a Dba in the IT world, is responsible for protecting and managing information in the database. As data becomes more important to businesses and organizations around the world, so does the need for trained professionals to protect and organize it.

  1. Product Manager – $96,194

Like several other professions in the field of computer and IT, the work of a software product manager merges two different areas. In this case, when the product manager of the software product performs daily work, the field of business and computer science collides. These information technology professionals are responsible for overseeing the development of software products throughout their life cycle. For example, this includes determining the demand for the product, designing and developing the product, determining the target market for the product, and promoting the product

  1. Information Security Analyst – $99,730

As their title suggests, information security analysts focus on keeping information secure for businesses and other types of organizations, including government agencies. One of their most important duties is to protect important data from hackers and computer viruses that can destroy critical information.

  1. Software Developer – $105,590

Software developers are creative professionals who program computers and applications by writing code. These computer and IT professionals can also test and analyze the software program, looking for ways to improve and update it.

  1. Computer Network Architect – $112,690

Also known as a computer network engineer, a computer network architect creates a computer network that serves the communication needs of an enterprise or organization. This may include local area networks(Lan)and wide area networks (Wan), as well as intranets. Many employers require a background in network and Computer System Administration or database management.

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer – $117,220

Another job associated with a six-figure salary in the field of computer and information technology is a computer hardware engineer. The computer science work of these professionals is responsible for the design of components of computer systems, such as computer processors, routers, and circuit boards. They also test their designs and look for ways to update or improve existing systems.

  1. Software Architect – $120,000

A software architect is a senior software developer who oversees the entire process of developing new software for enterprises and other organizations. Typically, these computer and IT professionals lead a team of software developers when completing large projects for enterprise customers.

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientist – $112,840

Computer and Information research scientists play an advanced role in the field of computer/IT. Not only did they discover new technologies, but they also invented innovative methods that took advantage of existing science. As a result, these professionals often work in high-energy environments, and when they make discoveries that affect their industry, they get a huge sense of accomplishment.

  1. Computer and Information Systems Manager – $146,360

Computer and Information Systems (CIS) managers are one of the most profitable occupations in the industry,earning an average of more than $ 145,000 per year. These positions are so well paid because CIS managers have a lot of responsibility. Typically, these professionals work with executives within the organization to set technical goals for the company as a whole. In addition, the task of these managers is to develop a plan for the implementation of these goals.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Expert – $166,000

AI experts program computers to think like humans. Using sophisticated software, these advanced IT professionals design programs that intelligently respond to specific commands and queries. While robots may be the first thing that comes to mind, AI technology has many other applications, including self-driving cars and speech recognition devices. Social media platforms also use the form of artificial intelligence to populate news feeds with relevant content.

A computer and Information Technology degree is one of the smartest investments you can make in the future. Computer science jobs related to Computer Science/IT are some of the most well-paid occupations you’ll find in any industry.

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