Difference between a Genius and a Gifted person

Between a genius and gifted person, there are some differences can be seen from the kind of person each term refers to. From time to time, we hear about the extraordinary talents and groundbreaking discoveries of individuals. In order to refer to such people, various words are used. Some of these words are genius, genius, prodigy, etc. Each of these words has a specific meaning and refers to a specific individual who meets the standards.

Who is a genius?

A genius is an individual with special abilities that surpass others in intelligence, creativity, and originality. Genius transcends the boundaries of specific fields and explores new knowledge. This is why genius is equivalent to originality. Using his outstanding talents, he can create new and original things. However, geniuses do not have to develop their intelligence as early as gifted children. People “classify” them as geniuses because of their work, which is particularly important to society.

Who is a genius child?

Being talented means that children have special academic, creative and artistic skills. A talented child may be able to perform very well in class and show a higher level than expected at his age. Generally speaking, we can say that talented children are very smart children with an IQ of more than 130 (the average intelligence in a normal population is 100).

Gifted child

What then is the difference between a genius and gifted person?

They are related to the type of intelligence, the fields it covers, and the motivation for learning. Therefore, if someone works in a psychological environment and finds a child with amazing abilities or above-average intelligence, what would they do? First, they need to conduct a proper evaluation before drawing any specific conclusions. After that, they need to establish an educational program to help their development, quality of life and self-esteem.

A talented child usually has the innate ability to develop tasks and solve problems. Their intelligence usually develops very early. Even if they are often found when they are very young, this is not always the case. Geniuses are not necessarily highly intelligent. What defines them as geniuses is their talents and work in a certain field. For example, an artistic genius or a great mathematician. Among gifted children, intelligence is high and precocious (which means they can solve more difficult problems than expected at their age). However, in genius, this does not necessarily have to happen.

A gifted child

A genius does not necessarily show this precocious intelligence, we can define them according to the realization of their talents. In other words, because of their work. The motivation to cultivate specific talents or excel in a certain field is another difference between geniuses and geniuses. Generally speaking, gifted children should be motivated in school. This is why the ability to detect high is so important, especially to avoid boredom.

On the other hand, geniuses often have a more internal and innate motivation to develop their talents. This is because they really like what they do. It is easy to verify this, because we think that people who are geniuses are famous for their achievements or work, and they develop because they really want to. In other words, they are passionate about what they are also very good at.

The Theory of human wisdom

The influence of your work determines everything Talented children can be early learning children, prodigies (children who perform activities with adult performance levels at a young age) or talented children (children who perform well in a certain field). And social values, especially in certain fields of scientific knowledge), but it may not necessarily become a child genius, because he does not always perform work that is considered transcendental.

Learning does not always seem to be advanced They usually show “early” learning in language and visual motor coordination, although the same is true in other areas related to cognitive abilities. Child geniuses do not necessarily show early learning or social value, because once their skills have an impact that others consider important, they are considered geniuses.

Motivation to learn is very important Gifted children can cultivate special talents for specific tasks, but this does not happen naturally. It is necessary to make it possible for them to do this, especially to cultivate the motivation to learn. Since genius is the one who produces a job that is considered valuable, we think it is because of a child who has the opportunity to continuously strengthen the motivation of what he does.


School performance is not always superior, a talented child is easier to identify in school because it is obvious that school learning is faster, or it makes us need to make curriculum adjustments to improve their skills or avoid boredom in the classroom. On the other hand, gifted children do not always show excellent school performance, because as we have seen, genius is a characteristic that is later attributed, not only related to skills and IQ, but also to creativity and learning.

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