Examination Malpractice! See it’s Dangers

Examination malpractice has become a disease that has eaten deeply into the fabric of human society. It’s rippling effect cuts across all levels of education in any country.

This write up aims at identifying the devastating effects of examination malpractice and examining some reasons for the vice in our society.

Students Exchanging answers in Examination Hall


Certainly, the most remarkable factor is academic laziness; most students who are not sure of their academic capability prefer cheating during examination than preparing for it by studying and attending lectures. Instead students see malpractice as the only way that leads to academic success.

Another fundamental cause is seen in greed on the part of the teachers. A sense of underpayment when it comes to the amount earned from their salaries automatically leads to illegal actions such as bribery.  Most of these teachers cash in on the candidates ignorance and mediocrity in enriching themselves.

The repercussion of this development is that the educational system becomes less reliable; most graduates have little or no knowledge of what they studied in school. This makes them unemployable and increases unemployment in the society

This is indeed appalling for the academic product of such society that cannot stand in the midst of their counterparts in various regions.

Student coping from a paper in an exam hall


As a matter of urgency, the government should help in curbing this evil act by formulating policies aimed at alleviating and permanently eradicating the evil in the society.

Like they say “charity begins at home” Parents on the other hand should see the home as the bedrock on which the first seed of knowledge is sown.

If parents themselves are morally upright the children will likely follow suit but if otherwise, the evil will run through the family then on to the society.

It is the duty of everyone to discourage this deadly development.

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