Making Money can be a disaster. Here is why

Making money is a topic that can spark heated debate, promote insane “get rich quick” programs, or push people to pursue deals they may never consider.  The causes of this excessive desire for wealth are as follows.


The desire of a man to have power is an underlining factor, many people feel that making money will bring recognition and influence, and since our communities now tend to celebrate wealth, people place priority on someone’s wealth neglecting the moral aspect of the individual. It is the same rich man that uses his wealth to bribe his way to position of authority, though he doesn’t have the moral and academic qualification for the post and the society believes he is the right person.

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Another cause is selfishness; an average individual will not want to have one house but several houses, assets, cars and so on. They believe that with all these things they are fulfilled in life, unfortunately these people is indirectly deprive so many people of accessing wealth, this could come in the form of syphoning money generated for the development of the masses.

It could be as a result of futuristic plans which everyone should be concerned about but using an illegal way to go about it is where the problem lays. In order for their children not to pass through what they went through, the acquire more money, cars, lands and houses for their children instead of giving them a long lasting legacy which is education and good moral upbringing.


Firstly excessive desire for making money means going into a dangerous lifestyle. It eventually leads to untimely death. Some people get killed in the process of acquiring wealth, also the innocent ones are been killed by the desperate ones who wants to be rich by all cost.

The society will not produce good leaders, Here selfish and corrupt individuals who lack wisdom only fight for leadership positions not to serve but amass wealth from the masses. This automatically throws the society into a state of poverty.

Lastly, the same inheritance the rich man takes risk to acquire tears his family apart after his demise, because he did not train the children morally and academically. Instead of his inheritance to be a blessing it becomes a curse to his family after death.

There is need to reorder steps towards things that will bring collective progress, peace and development to various nations and not pain to the poor.

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