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Have you ever wondered if you can tell a drug addict, a drinker or a smoker, especially a non-smoker smoker? Well, I have, yes, I also assume that you can only judge by looking at them, but then again, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

In the end, I realized that a book is really judged by its content, and so are humans. Yes, you can judge whether someone is a smoker from his/her attitude or behavior.

Rose looks good on a normal basis, smells good, and even runs her daily mistakes. Uncle Ben came one day and said, “I saw Ross smoking on the way to church.”surprised…Of course, because she showed physical signs, Mom and Dad became worried.

Want to know if “your daughter is a secret smoker”

Signs to check for are

Related paraphernalia

The clearest sign that your daughter is smoking tobacco is the sudden appearance of tobacco products, such as cigarettes, lighters, loose tobacco, rolling papers, etc. Normally, these items can be hidden in backpacks, pockets, drawers, or in your teenager’s car.

Be careful: it’s not a good idea to invade your child’s privacy. However, it’s advisable to keep a close watch if you think your teenager might be smoking. In these cases, you may find something in your child’s room that will answer all your questions.

Mood changes

Mood changes are one of the symptoms that indicate most clearly that your daughter is smoking. These may appear when the young person goes a long time without smoking, due to the addictive qualities of nicotine. In this case, your daughter may act aggressive, surly or irritable. In fact studies confirm that tobacco affects teenagers’ moods.

“Young people have always had the same problem: how to be a rebel and fit in at the same time.”

 Bad smell

You should also keep in mind that your daughter who smokes usually also smells strongly of smoke. In fact, they often aren’t aware of the extreme nature of the odor from tobacco. They often think – wrongly – that a shower or brushing their teeth will be enough to get rid of it.



This is certainly the most obvious warning sign. If you notice your teenager smells like smoke, it’s very likely they’ve picked up the habit.


Open windows

If you notice that your child is leaving the windows of their room open often, it may be one of the most obvious signs that your teenager is smoking.

Keeping the windows open often, even when it’s cold outside, may be the smoker’s attempt to ventilate the room to keep it from smelling like smoke. Even if teenagers don’t smoke in the room, the smell will be passed from their clothes to the room automatically. Of course, they know this.

 Making excuses going out

In fifth and last place, you should know that it’s perfectly normal for your teenage children to want to leave the house from time to time, and to want their own space. However, if you notice your children are making excuses to go out frequently, this could be another sign that they’re smoking.

This means it’s a good idea to try to be alert to any behavior that indicates your daughter is spending more time outside than is necessary. Pay special attention if your child goes out continually, even when the weather isn’t good.

Remember that adolescence is a time when children want to discover the world around them. It’s also a time of total self-discovery, even if it means doing things that are bad for their health.



We’re sure that a good conversation between mother and daughter will be extremely beneficial!

Many parents worry that their teenagers might start smoking. To help, we’ve compiled a list of signs that may mean your teenager is smoking tobacco.

If you’re worried about whether your daughter is smoking, you should know that your concern is valid.

Aggressiveness: Smokers can see rapid changes in emotions or behaviors, which involve anger. Anger can be seen as bad behavior depicted, so the smoker becomes angry and feels interrogated, which makes him or her angry.

Insecurity: Some people, you know, smoke, may actually be so confident, maybe loudly, but I can tell you that this is insecurity. When you observe that your daughter really feels protected by what she does, especially what she does in private. My point is that when your daughter is a secret smoker, she feels that you are trying to participate in her space, even if it is just a small space, she feels unsafe, because even if she is not so sure that you know she smokes, she will automatically assume that this is why you participate in her space, even if you participate in her space but not for that particular reason, but as a mother.

Disassociation: A secret smoker shows strange signs of behavior, such as changing friends, constantly asking for or selling things to get money, which also includes disassociating oneself from others for privacy or not to be seen or caught. Disassociation is a warning signal for a secret smoker, which is shown by her changing friends, and later surpasses no one and prefers to be alone. smoking

Not so negative: Smokers have this carefree and not so negative attitude. When she becomes less worried, she usually doesn’t have problems. You are asking, “What if my daughter is already a less negative person?””Don’t worry, when she smokes, you will know that she didn’t care much about the difference between smoking before and now. They are usually careless. When worry comes, they will feel that something can be relieved. Usually see the brightest parts of life when loud or reserved; overconfidence comes in and reduces negative emotions.


In short, every smoker shows obvious signs both physically and in attitude. Physical signs; dark lips, bags under the eyes, decolorization of teeth and nails, and body odor.

-Do you know?

Not all smokers are actually addicted to smoking.Some people smoke partime, it can actually be difficult to tell if your daughter is a secret smoker, especially if she smokes partime. The signs noticed may not be accurate, depending on her behavior towards the situation, smoking is not good, so when you notice it earlier, you will have an advantage to prevent her from becoming addicted. What do you think? Is your daughter secretly smoking?

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