What shapes your thoughts ? Here’s how you think

The ability to use a series of repeatable concepts to formulate new ideas may be part of what makes the human mind unique―and uniquely powerful. What shapes your thoughts is what we see as a concept library that we can use to formulate an effective unlimited number of ideas. “Humans can engage in complex behaviors, which require a lot of training for any other creature on earth. Humans can read or hear a series of concepts, and immediately put these concepts together to form some new ideas. ” Unlike perceptual models that place more complex representations at the top of the processing hierarchy, Frankland and Greene’s research A model that supports higher cognition, which relies on a dynamic combination of conceptual building blocks to formulate ideas.

What is thought?

When you think, the first problem in describing what is happening in your body is that not everyone agrees on what thoughts are. At first glance, you might think that an idea is something you tell yourself. For example, when you were lying in bed this morning, you might think, “I don’t want to get up. ” Is the idea of “I don’t want to get out of bed” something that spontaneously appears in your mind? Or was it triggered by something? Is it just a physical process of your brain, or is it a manifestation of something deeper, such as a soul, spirit, or other entity?

Anatomy of thought

Taking a look at the earlier thought “I don’t want to get out of bed. ” Scientists will first argue that your thoughts are not spontaneous and random. On the contrary, your thoughts may be a reaction to things around you. In this case, it may be an alarm clock, check your phone to see what time it is, or hear something like a garbage truck passing by to remind you of the passage of time. In other cases, thoughts may be triggered by memory.

Regulate your mind

Whenever you have an idea, there is a corresponding chemical reaction in your mind and body as a result. This is important because it means that your thoughts will affect how you feel. By the same token, if you feel bad, you can change this by changing your mind. If this sounds a bit unusual, please return to the premise that the mind is a physical entity in the brain (not a spontaneous external force unrelated to the body). If our thoughts are always just a reaction to something, how can we control and change them? This means that if you want to start understanding what shapes your thoughts, you need to be aware of the triggers of your thoughts and your response patterns to these triggers.

Brain lesions and thinking

We know that lesions in specific parts of the brain can damage specific cognitive abilities. This is interesting because it highlights the view that the mind is really a physical entity that affects and is affected by the body. Cognitive function depends on all parts of the brain working properly; when these systems are destroyed, thinking is affected.

What your brain is made up explains what shapes your thoughts

Although the science of brain cell communication is well understood, the complexity of thinking processes is not well defined. However, exploring the brain may help to understand what shapes your thoughts. The brain is mainly composed of neurons, which are cells that produce electrical impulses for communication. It is estimated that the human brain has nearly 100 billion neurons.

A thinking brain

Neurons release brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which produce these electrical signals in neighboring neurons. Electrical signals propagate like waves to thousands of neurons, leading to the formation of thoughts. One theory explains that thoughts are produced when neurons fire. Our external environment (such as family, relationships, media, etc.).

The pattern that leads to neuronal discharge, which leads to the thinking process. The continuous pattern of neuronal emission strengthens the circuit. This means that if we are in the same situation twice, the emission of our neurons will be similar and strengthened. This is why people tend to respond the same way to similar situations: because neurons are part of the circuit responsible for this response, they emit vigorously.

This is interesting because it means that it is possible to change from negative to positive thoughts or try to change attitudes. Monitoring an idea or an attitude can cause changes in the firing patterns of neurons, which eventually lead to new behaviors. Several nutrients help brain function and chemicals. Recent evidence shows that nutritional deficiencies may change the normal chemistry of your brain, which may also affect your thinking process.

This means that if your diet lacks essential nutrients such as lean meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, and nuts, your neurons will burn abnormally, and your mind may not be at its best. Think about a few events that happened in your life, and try to remember what thoughts were in your mind before the event occurred. You may be surprised to find that in many cases, there is a correlation between your thoughts and events.

The power of thought

The thoughts we often repeat in our minds affect our behaviors and attitudes, our behaviors and reactions, as well as our lives and the people around us. Just as our thoughts are, so are our lives. This means that we need to be careful with our thoughts, especially those that we often repeat. One idea is not enough to change our lives. However, if we repeat the same thoughts often, it will gain strength, become stronger and affect our lives. A repetitive thought is strongly imprinted on our subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind in turn makes this thought a reality in our lives. Thoughts are like movies that we play in our minds. If we keep playing the same movie in our minds, it will eventually manifest in our lives and become our reality.


In order to shape your life the way you want and make the changes you want, you must start to understand what shapes your thoughts. You need to change your mind. Shaping your outer life starts from the inside, in your mind. You need to start thinking about what you really want, not what you don’t want. The new psychological film will change your behavior, behavior and attitude in time, and will attract people, situations and events in your life that correspond to your new ideas. However, you need to remember that a single thought is not strong enough to make a change, but if you repeat the same thought often, it will gradually gain strength and affect your life.

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