Why do Short people get angry easily?

Feeling angry and resentful are normal emotions that we experience from time to time, but some people are more aggressive than others, right? Many people use anger as a coping mechanism, and a few people use it to control others. However, there is a reason why some short people get angry more easily than others.

What is anger?

Anger is an emotion characterized by confrontation with someone or something, and you feel that you have done something wrong deliberately. Anger can be a good thing. For example, it can give you a way to express negative emotions, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. But excessive anger can cause problems. Elevated blood pressure and other physical changes associated with anger make it difficult for you to look directly and damage your physical and mental health.

Causes of anger

There are many common triggers for anger, such as losing patience, feeling as if your opinions or efforts are not appreciated, and injustice. Other causes of anger include memories of traumatic or irritating events and worries about personal issues. You also have unique anger triggers, based on the expectations you have been taught to have of yourself, others, and the world around you.

Angry short person

Diamond’Lypse Seattle 2008

Angry short person

Diamond’Lypse Seattle 2008 (Pixabay.com)

Your personal history will also fuel your reaction to anger. For example, if you are not taught how to express anger appropriately, your frustration may simmer, make you painful, or build up until you explode in an outburst of anger. Genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, or underlying medical conditions also play a role in your tendency to erupt anger.

The reason it seems short people easily get angry

Anger is a normal emotion that humans experience from time to time. But some people are more aggressive than others. Many of them use it as a coping mechanism, while others use it to control others. But what if we tell you that there is a reason why some people are more likely to feel angry than others? Therefore, the Atlanta Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study in this area.

They found that people with shorter stature, especially men, are more likely to experience anger, anger, and show symptoms of violent behavior. On this issue, the researchers found a link between anger and self-image problems. In this study, more than 600 people between the ages of 18-24 were tested based on their personality traits and asked how they felt about drugs, violence, and crime. Short men respond more positively to make up for their lack of height.

They may have faced bullying and aggression from their peers in the past, and may have adopted defensive strategies to compensate for their complexity. Aggressiveness and extra self-confidence have been found to be easy strategies, and many people overcompensate for their figure. Studying the test model, it can be seen that those men who feel the least masculine are at risk of committing crimes, and they are up to three times more likely to be caught. This problem is what researchers like to call “short man syndrome.” Suffering from “male difference pressure” (they feel that they lack traditional male norms than ordinary people) Last year, a group of researchers from Oxford University also claimed that lowering a person’s height can increase vulnerability and also increase the level of paranoia. Also known as the “Napoleon complex”, “short man syndrome” is not entirely a new concept. This phrase is often used to describe any number of short diplomats making aggressive policies. In any case, as society’s physical standards for men and women become more and more superficial, height seems to be an increasingly taboo topic for many people.

Does height make people feel unsafe?

Due to the way society develops, height has always been a trigger theme for men to feel insecure, because weight is so for women. Being physically strong can also affect self-confidence. Also known as the Napoleon complex, men of fragile height feel less masculine than others, which can lead to pressure on their male differences and force them to feel that they are not “man” enough. This can also cause strong anxiety and anger problems, and in some cases, it can also lead to body shaming problems. Studies have found that insecurity about one’s height often forces short people to become unhappy in life, and their income is lower than that of their taller peers. Men who consider themselves less masculine, also known as “male differential pressure”, are almost three times more likely to use weapons for violent attacks or attacks that cause injuries. One of the ways they feel less masculine is when they feel that their height is shorter than average. Studies have found that lowering a person’s height can increase vulnerability and increase the degree of paranoia, which may cause them to detonate their fuses faster.


Humans have a wider range of potential responses to threats, of which only one is aggression. Similarly, the social situation is crucial. When we feel uncomfortable or fearful, or when another person irritates us, we may react violently, but we may react more calmly in other environments. And there are cultural differences, so violence is more common in some cultures than in others. Short people who possess the so-called Napoleon complex, have a problem with shortness, which leads them to be too aggressive, domineering, and make up for their short stature with magnificent deeds and actions, although this is not all short.


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