Why is Mathematics so hard?

The only reason why mathematics is so hard is that you think it’s supposed to be hard. You have seen everyone who’s taken a math class before you struggle, so you think that this is going to be your fate as well.

Some reasons why you think mathematics is so difficult

Mathematics is not taught too well

They just teach children to remember this. This means that they themselves do not understand the mathematics behind it. Most basic mathematics teachers (especially your type of teachers in elementary and middle schools) are not mathematics majors. Instead, they got a teaching degree, received some continuing education, specialized in mathematics teaching, and were assigned to mathematics teaching positions. Although teaching is a skill that is valuable to all educators, there are many teachers who destroy students’ hopes of understanding mathematical concepts because they have not studied them before teaching.

Do you believe in the myth of a “math man”

There is no such thing as a “math man”. Some people stick to mathematics long enough to see progress, or initially get so much joy from solving problems that they eventually become good at it.

There is also a case where people don’t mind that they don’t seem to have any natural gifts. But people without normal intelligence cannot learn mathematics. Most people must work hard and study hard to develop any mathematical ability.

Your foundation is terrible

It is not enough to pass these courses with C. It is actually not good enough to pass these courses at any level, even if it is an A+. You need to really understand this topic, otherwise you will run into trouble when you enter the next level. You will fall behind because you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the level of mathematics you are studying.

This will not only make you frustrated, but will also make you believe that mathematics is more difficult than it actually is. The real problem is that you have never spent time to become strong in previous math classes.

You try to rely on memory

Many people find mathematics difficult because of the way they try to remember them through materials. However, there is not much to remember. Mathematics is about the relationship between finding things and solving problems. Practicing problems allows you to better solve mathematical problems, but only if you take the time to understand the mechanism and complexity of the solution. This is why students hate word problems. Word problems force you to use your math skills in a way that is different from the way the problem is usually presented to you.

You don’t know how to use basic concepts in the real world There are some basic mathematical concepts that everyone should know, but many people skip them. For example, it is difficult for most people to use fractions. However, scores are displayed in many places in the real world. A fraction seems mysterious until you remember that it is nothing more than a simple case of a division problem and a special case of a multiplication problem. For those who find mathematics difficult, the inability to make rough estimates is also a problem. Estimation is very important, because most things in life are not fully known and do not need to be known. However, an estimate of the cost of something or how long the trip will take is usually the difference between an unavoidable headache and an inevitable nightmare.

You have difficulty calculating or dyslexia

Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty that causes students to struggle with mathematics on many levels. Anything related to formulas, shapes, and comparisons of relationships between space and quantity will cause trouble for a student with a computational disability. This makes it difficult for them to solve basic and abstract mathematical problems. These students usually lag far behind other mathematics students at the grade level.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to read due to the recognition of speech sounds and learning their relationship to letters and words. Students with dyslexia will encounter serious problems when dealing with word problems.

You just don’t like math

No matter what the reason is, you hate math. You are afraid of the beginning of each school year, where you will get close to worksheets and problems to solve. It gives you both “math anger” and “math anxiety.” ” However, I always remind people that their feelings about something are not an excuse for not doing well. Not to mention, if you put a little effort to improve your math skills, then you might like it. We tend to enjoy what we are good at. At least, we absolutely hate doing things that we are not good at.

Mathematics is difficult because you are not a good reader

Many students struggle with mathematics because they cannot critically read the information in mathematics textbooks. Math is difficult because you don’t get the support or counseling you need. Some mathematical concepts may be difficult to understand, so you will need some extra help from time to time, maybe from teachers, your parents or friends to understand something. When you need it most, lack of adequate support can make mathematics more difficult to understand.

When it comes to mathematics, this definition enters the key to the problem, especially a difficult task is a task that is not “easy” to complete. The thing that makes math difficult for many students is that it requires patience and perseverance. For many students, mathematics is not an intuitive or automatic thing-it requires a lot of effort. This is a subject that sometimes requires students to invest a lot of time and energy.

Why Maths is hard

Make math simple

We have established a few things when it comes to mathematics and difficulty:

*Mathematics seems difficult because it takes time and effort.

*Many people do not have enough time to “get” math courses, and as the teacher continues to advance, they fall behind.

*Many people continue to study more complex concepts with unstable foundations.

*We often end up with a fragile structure that is destined to collapse at some point. Although this sounds like bad news, it is indeed good news. If we are patient enough, the repair is easy! No matter where you are in your mathematics research, you can excel if you go back far enough to strengthen your foundation. You must fill the loopholes with a deep understanding of the basic concepts encountered in middle school mathematics.

*If you are in middle school now, don’t try to move on until you fully understand the concepts of pre-algebra. If necessary, please find a governess.

*If you are in high school and struggling with mathematics, download the middle school mathematics syllabus or hire a tutor. Make sure you understand every concept and activity covered by middle school.

*If you are in college, go back to basic mathematics and work forward. This will not take as long as it sounds. You can pass years of math work in a week or two.

No matter where you start and struggle, you must make sure that you recognize any weaknesses in your foundation and fill them with practice and understanding!

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